A New cryptocurrency payment method for business is born

Dennaria is a new concept for a payment service platform that brings cryptocurrencies into everyday use. Our users will be able to make regular online purchases quickly and securely thanks to our blockchain technology.

Dennaria is easy to integrate into any development platform and it is accessible for anyone who is accustomed to cryptocurrencies. We solve any taxation and invoicing related issues for all of our contractors.

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Visual example on how the smart button looks like
Dennaria select coin and network option

Easily integrate the Smart button into your ecommerce payment gateway

Dennaria’s easy to integrate “Smart button” module allows you to accept payments in cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. Metamask allows us to select a payment network and wallet quickly. We take responsibility on informing the users throughout every step of the way, showing their current balance and the amount they’re spending in FIAT currency.

We will help you expand your market reach, enabling a new method for cryptocurrency users to pay in a fast and safe way.

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Dennaria was born out of the consolidation and maturity of the cryptocurrency market. Highlighting and adding value to security and integration with other platforms.

An icon of a cog with an open and close chevron to represent API Integration
API integration
An icon of a dollar bill representing that Dennaria is FIAT friendly
FIAT friendly
A cog extending to terminals to represent that it can integrate with terminals
Integration with terminals
Various examples of the Merchant Pay Center platform

Merchant Pay Center: the full control of the Dennaria Smart Button

Merchant Pay Center is the tool we offer you to administer your operations in the Dennaria module. From this platform, you will be able to change what networks appear on the Smart Button, manage orders, see returns and a lot more. As well as providing an extensive help section, where all the questions our clients might have will be answered. It is fully responsive as well, so you can manage your orders anywhere, any time.

All our tools are adapted to the needs of our consumers

We are committed on developing tools that are accessible, safe and provide great amount of support. We know that it’s important to be connected with your costumers and your employees. That’s why we have a 24/7 multilingual support system to assist you in any way and any time possible.

Smart button and Merchant Pay Center examples on a mobile device
Smart button and Merchant Pay Center examples on a mobile device


There are two types of rate Dennaria charges: one is a fixed rate, corresponding to the transaction process costs. The other rate varies depending on the payment method or Blockchain Payment Enabler (BPE).

Access to a complete payment platform with simple and transparent consumption fees.

illustration of a man exchanging money
Fixed rate % per trasation + fixed part
  • Icon representing a wallet

    Everything you need to manage your payments

  • Icon representing a calendar

    No monthly, hidden or setup fees

  • Icon of a cloud and a checkmark representing cloud support

    Access to hundreds of feature updates every year

  • Icon of a shield representing the usage of blockchain technology

    Comprehensive security and rigorous regulatory compliance

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